Was It Worth It? // @decemaeternamdoctor

Amy felt her back hit solid ground. Her head lulled a bit, smacking the ground just as hard, and she let out a small moan. Now that had hurt. Her physical pain, however, didn’t even come close to the amount of emotional pain that was coursing through her body. Her chest felt like something had come in with an ice cream scoop and taken her heart right out. She was hollow.

Tears were still stinging her eyes, following the same tracks as the many before them down her face and she stood up and took in her surroundings. Everyone was dressed much differently than they had been a few moments ago, but this was definitely still New York City. Now, how far into the past she was wasn’t obvious, but she could figure that out with time. 

She’d landed right smack in the middle of a park, so she stood up and brushed stray grass from her jeans. Seeing no other option, she started off down one of the paths leading back into the heart of the city. What she wanted more than anything right now was a quiet place to sit and think about a solution to the serious problem she was currently facing.